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The only script coverage that evaluates the market value, creative merit, and business viability of your sceenplay!


The AFL Script Analysis Report (SAR) gives you...


Informed by top Hollywood producers with over 120 years experience, the AFL uses cutting edge technology based algorithm that mitigates the opinion of an individual reader.


Your script coverage report will evaluate the creative, business and market value of your script so you know and understand your stories position in the marketplace.


For the first time AFL Script Analysis presents an industry wide score index (much like credit score rating) that shows where your script ranks compared to other projects looking to be produced.


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“There is no point in having sharp images
when you’ve got fuzzy ideas.”

- Jean-Luc Godard -


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  1. Other script coverage reports give you a thumbs-up or thumbs-down reply. We believe that’s not enough! We analyze 78 different component of the script to help you understand what’s working and what’s not so you can make correction in areas such as character arc, believability, sub-plots, dialogue, resolution and others.

  2. The AFL Script Analysis leaves the reviewers personal feelings at the door! This tool was constructed by experts in screen-writing, script coverage and film production, over 60 years of experience in the film industry! Our experience has taught us not only what scripts are well written but also what is well sold! Built into the tool are parameters that represent standards and trends in the business that shows us the marketability of the script and the likelihood of it being sold.

  3. Our tool helps writers and filmmakers see beyond the quality of their written material. By analyzing the profitability aspects, such as, budget, foreign markets and viability, we can produce a financial outlook to help determine that status of the work.

Heard Enough?


Jordan Kessler

Lee Daniel’s The Butler

"Finally, script coverage has evolved! This completely changes the way I decide which projects to take on!"

BJ Markel

Save the Cat

AFL allows story analysts to operate within a new film industry standardized metric...

Liz Destro

Jay and Silent Bob get a Reboot

"Lets me know how a script stacks up against the other scripts floating around town."

Viviana Zarragoitia

Three Point Capital

“Allows me to gauge the marketing and financial merits of a script when I am deciding to finance a film or not”


What is "script coverage"?

Traditional script coverage is the summary and analysis of a script's plot and writing quality, used by production companies and agencies to track film and TV screenplays. Stand alone services outside the studio and agency systems are offered to writers who wish to get their work optioned or sold.

What is the difference between traditional script coverage services and the AFL Script Analysis?

The AFL Script Analysis provides screenwriters with a constructive analysis of their scripts, reviewing standard script protocols about story and character development, but also including analysis of the business, marketing, and financial aspects of the script, giving screenwriters a complete over-view of the script’s chances to be purchased and produced.

What is the turn-around time to generate a script report?

Typical turn-around time is 7-10 business days. We do offer a rush option which shortens the time to 48 hours after submission.

What advantage do I have choosing AFL over the traditional script coverage services?

For the first time ever a writer will receive the creative combined with the financial, marketability and viability analysis of the submitted script. No other script coverage service offers this type of service.

Could I see an example of an AFL script report?

Yes, you can view a sample report here

Do you help connect writers with agents or put scripts into development?

We do not. However, we do sponsor events and initiatives that give filmmakers and writers opportunities to have their scripts developed and hopefully put into production. You can find out more here.

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